The Interruption of the Dead

A message of Hope and Transformation.

The Procession of the Dead

The Five senses of Jesus

Hear what Jesus hears, See what Jesus sees, Feel what Jesus feels, Say what Jesus says, and do as Jesus does.

Five senses of Jesus

An Encounter with Jesus

Reverend Yemi Adedeji starts with the story of the woman Jesus met at the well in John 4, and brings us an understanding of what an encounter with Jesus can do.

An encounter with Jesus

Maintaining Connectivity with God

Reverend Yemi Adedeji takes us on a journey into the answers to some pertinent questions. Based on Leviticus 6.

Where’s the Power?

Reverend Yemi chastises the present day church on the lack of public demonstrations of the power of God, like those we read about in the accounts of the early church.

Where’s the Power?